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Signup to Volunteer

The Comic Con World crew are the people that help to make this convention awesome. If you’re interesting in volunteering to help out, please read this page and then volunteer using the contact form.

You get free entry as much as you can eat. And of course you get the satisfaction of having helped the convention out. We’re always happy to provide references to people who work for us, so it’s something extra which you can add to your CV afterward. Crewing is also a very easy way to get to know other members of the con.

What do you do? Usually a crew member will help to manage queues, serve attendees, act as a runner to move equipment/items around and so forth. When you join crew, you are placed on to a team. Each team has a team-leader who you will report in to and who will look after you over the event. Each shift you are given is usually four hours long. At times crewing is far from easy, and it can be a lot of hard work but it is usually a very rewarding experience.

How many hours does a full-crew member do? Each full-crew member does 7 hours a day working. This entitles them to free entry in addition to free food each day.

How many hours does a part-time crew member do? Some teams will allow for part-time crew. These are crew who work for only 1 day. Part-Time Crew will get a meal and free entry on the days which they are working.

What Teams are there? Video Gaming, Registrations, Operations, Stage or specialist (ask).

What do the teams do?
Operations – Bit of everything role. You get put where needed.
Registrations – Helping out on the front desk to answer questions and check people in.
Video Gaming – helping to look after the consoles, run tournaments and so forth.
Stage – Helping out backstage to ensure the events happen.

Photographer - We need photos!

Filmmaker - Shoot the people, make awesome videos!

Signup for Crew for the event, please send your details via contact.