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Matthew Dale is a British actor from Dorchester. He has appeared on a variety of television series including Teachears, Stella and some of the Tv shows and in films Matthew has been in a few such as Far From The Madding Crowd and Bridget Jones Baby and Time Of Their Lives. Matthews biggest film he is in is Star Wars Rogue One where he plays The Red Jedha Pilgrim Priest.His first appearance in the Doctor Who universe was in Mark Gatiss's penned story,Robot of Sherwood He portrayed the first Little John during filming. Later on Rusty Goffe was hired to portray the real Little John and Matthew' s role as the first Little John would be uncredited. But he then was made out as Big John in the Eposode.


Nigel Parkinson is a British cartoonist who works and draws for The Beano and The Dandy. Since 2012 he has been the Official Dennis the Menace artist and with a career spanning nearly 30 years, Nigel has also drawn The Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx, Thunderbirds, Stingray, Scouse Mouse, Grange Hill, Baywatch, Harry Hill’s TV Burp and much more. In 2012 he asked fellow Liverpudlian Sir Paul McCartney if he would make an appearance in the last ever print edition of The Dandy as he had once said his ambition was to be in it - many of Paul’s friends said that seeing him in the comic was the highlight of his career! Away from comics, Nigel has also drawn adverts for Milky Way, Nesquik and Lego also the record sleeve for Kaiser Chiefs single ‘The Angry Mob’.

Nigel will be personally drawing Beano sketches at his table, plus free badges, free Beanos, and more!

This event is organised and managed by Comic Con World. Please see FAQ on website for more details or email

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British Actor Bern Collaço who is based in London, is honoured to be attending as a guest at Comic Con World Blackpool.
He has been performing in Film & TV for over 35 years.
Here is a link to his impressive and extensive film career on IMDb
He recently played a Georgian Soldier in Dr Who 'Thin Ice' episode.
Bern has performed in Star Wars EP 7 - The Force Awakens as a First Order General, EP 8 -The Last Jedi as a First Order Stormtrooper, Rogue One as a Stormtrooper / Landing Crew / Jedha Citizen. In Wonder Woman he played an Indian Regiment Soldier. In James Bond 007 Skyfall, he was a MI6 Agent, and in Spectre, a man on the train heading to Morocco. In Dr Strange he was the Orderly taking Dr Strange into the operating theatre on a gurney.
Bern has worked on several other Hollywood Blockbuster movies too many to mention here.
He has attend several Film and TV Comic Conventions in UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands and USA.
He is very popular with his fans as he loves to meet and talk to them and answer any questions about the various projects he has been involved in. Bern realises that it's the fans support that make the show and without them there wouldn't be a show.

3x GREAT DISPLAYS TBA (New to 2020)

Take a photo with Baby Yoda, ewoks, C3po and more.


Come on up and slide down the giant bouncy slide or jump like crazy on the bouncy castle.

PIRATE DISPLAY and WEAR (Larger for 2020)
Come see the undead pirates and try on one eyed willy’s costumes.

Meet MEGATRON (new to 2020), Iron Man, Undertaker, Mario Mascots and Starwars Characters.


Get a selfie taken with Han Solo frozen in carbonate display at no extra cost!

Sit next to life size Rick and Morty while having a cold drink, remember through if you get on Ricks nerves, he might send you to another dimension.

INDIANA JONES (Improved for 2020)
Take a selfie in the tomb, where Jones nearly lost his head!


New for 2020 Competition, best build prize.

100,000 bricks, you can take your time, put together a building from your imagination, this is will put on to a larger table to make a city.

EXHIBITORS (Larger for 2020)

A selection of stalls ranging from all different products such as posters, photos, badges, Anime, funko pop figures, jewellery, T-shirts, masks, computer games and much more.

Keep eye out on facebook for updates on traders attending.

Some of the stalls attending:
Game, Cex, Best Buy Toys, I Collectables, Infinity Comics and more!

Dress as your favourite fun and colourful heroes.
Cosplay fans will be pleased to hear that we will have cosplay competition, to enter see FAQ. Prize is £100 for Children and £100 Cash for Adults.

We have picked the biggest franchises, genres and film crossovers. Mario, Sonic, Star Wars, Street Fighter, Lego, Space Invaders, James Bond and many more will all be represented with a selection of the best games from each of these categories. Of course all free play.

Battle your friends against fun games such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Karts and Golden eye.

On a selection of classic consoles such as Snes, Nintendo, N64, Mega Drive and more.

Check out new scene from across the Star wars galaxy, the emperor meeting Darth Vader shuttle scene in blocks!

Come and meet some of the biggest UK cosplayers.

 Taken Uk
One of the most popular figures on the UK convention circuit, Taker.UK brings the biggest cosplay superstar in the history of Wrestling to Blackpool.

The Taker.UK experience will give you a unique opportunity to not only meet the Deadman but also enter his bespoke casket for pictures .... you may even get your hands on the WWE heavyweight Championship belt !! BE IN A GAME COMPETITION
Ever wanted your design/drawing to be in a real life computer game, worth £250 all you need to do is draw your design in the Competition zone and get a chance to have your design in the game, to be sold on steam the world’s biggest database of games.

*terms and condition apply, see FAQ for details.

While at Comic Con World, be the best at CEX’s competition for an awesome prize! While there pick up a free balloon to take home!

Why not come and chat to the talented pupils studying game development at Blackpool College, test, play and see their creations.


Sit down, have a laugh and play with your family or make some new friends the latest trending boardgames.