Come and meet some of the biggest UK cosplayers.


Kitty Brooker

UK Famous Cosplayer also published Model in Bizarre Magazine/Kerrang/Teen Spirit. Also has done makeup for a Tim Burton film.


Taken Uk

One of the most popular figures on the UK convention circuit, Taker.UK brings the biggest superstar in the history of Wrestling to Blackpool.

The Taker.UK experience will give you a unique opportunity to not only meet the Deadman but also enter his bespoke casket for pictures .... you may even get your hands on the WWE heavyweight Championship belt !!


Kirsty Johnson

Kirsty works on building costumes based on game character, movie and anime characters. My costumes and props are hand crafted by myself and i offer information and tips to anyone interested in cosplay themselves. You can check out my full galleries on

Secondly Kirsty streams live on under the name of Sneebster I mainly play Smite and horror games along with creative streams of me creating costumes and chatting live.


Phoenix Spider

The first Cosplay I ever did was Black Cat in 2015 at London MCM. It was there I saw there was an opportunity to make and design costumes, and I took it. The whole Cosplay clothing and culture became a big part of my life, and I have made so many friends and memories as a result. Since then I started to make as many of my own costumes as I can. I keep pushing myself to do bigger and better projects.



A selection of stalls ranging from all different products such as posters, photos, badges, funko pop figures, jewellery, T-shirts, computer games and much more.

Keep eye out on facebook for updates on traders attending.



Dress as your favorite fun and colourful heroes. Cosplay fans will be pleased to hear that we will have cosplay on our main stage at Comic Con World including a masquerade on both days with prizes for the best characters as chosen by our panel of judges.


Cosplay Competition

There will be prizes for best dressed, competition is for adults and children both days, giving away total of £200 of vouchers to be spent on day.



We have picked the biggest franchises, genres and film crossovers. Mario, Sonic, Star Wars, Street Fighter, Lego, Space Invaders, James Bond and many more will all be represented with a selection of the best games from each of these categories. Of course all free play.

Battle your friends against fun games such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Karts and Golden eye.

On a selection of classic consoles such as Snes, Nintendo, N64, Mega Drive and more.



Grab a seat and see who has the best skills at Smash Bros on large screen.



Take a seat and play all the cool kids games such as Lego Batman, Plants vs. Zombies and Minecraft on a selection of consoles. All free play.



Check out awesome scenes from across the Star wars galaxy built in blocks!



All in the sport of Charity, for a small donation you can shoot a storm trooper, remember if you miss you might end up working for the dark side, get to see the famous characters walking around the event, and why not try a picture. It’s just a bit of fun.



Star Wars Model Display

A large model display with different star wars star ships x-wing, tie fighter etc. battling across the galaxy.



Soon to be famous cake maker, her cakes are a scene to be believed. Have a taste and a quick picture or ask the expert on how to get better at baking with these real life horrifying cakes.



Ever wanted your design/drawing to be in a real life computer game, worth £250 all you need to do is draw your design in the Competition zone and get a chance to have your design in the game, to be sold on steam the world’s biggest database of games.

*terms and condition apply, see website for details.



While at Comic Con World try the new switch, be the best at CEX’s competition for an awesome prize, don’t forget to take a picture with the CEX monster! While there pick up a free balloon to take home!



Why not come and chat to the talented pupils studying game development at Blackpool College, test, play and see their creations.



Brand new technology; try on to be in an all new immersive world, new sounds, sights and atmosphere. Featuring the latest games out at that time. All free play. Full range of products by Game available.


Coming and play the latest board games, have a laugh, try and beat your family.


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